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Vapor Deposition Materials

There are several methods to form thin films, but vacuum vapor deposition is most often used to form optical thin films. Vacuum vapor deposition is a method to produce vapor by heating and melting materials and deposit thin films from vapor. We use various materials to suit each required characteristic.

High refractive

Medium refractive

Low refractive

Functional material


Sputtering is a method to accelerate ionized molecules and atoms, bombard them with materials, and then deposit blown materials on substrates as thin films. The materials are called  target. The shape of the target is determined by the device like a rectangle or cylinder.In general, the bonding type target is used where the material is attached to the backing plate. Especially for cylindrical targets, in addition to bonding types, we also offer thermal spray types and integral molding types. We provide the best type for each target material.

Planar shape

Cylindrical rotatable shape (thermal spray)

Cylindrical rotatable shape (Bonding type)

Vapor Deposition Parts

We offer a wide variety of consumables, pump oil, and cleaning liquid used in vapor deposition and sputtering. In addition to these published photos, we carry many other products. So please contact us for further information.

Hearth Liner, Boat, Filament

Monitor Glass

DP Oil, PI tape

Crystal Sensor

Quartz Products

We deal with a great range of products such as fused quartz products used for many fields and synthetic quartz products used for a semiconductor field and UV-LED. Please contact us for the information about material, shape or size.

Integrated Quartz Products
Synthetic Quartz Products
Fused Quartz Products

Optical Communication Substrates

Recently expanding needs for communication depends on the technical advantage of lines to carry data. Optical communication is the system to play a key role. Particularly, filters to separate optical signs adopted in core systems connecting big cities require high stability. WMS substrate helps to produce these filters.

Glass-ceramic substrate for optical communication filters
OHARA INC. Products

Optical Communication filters


As devices related to forming andmeasuring thin films, we offer Spectrophotometers, Spin dryer, Water Vapor Cryopump, and UV Exposure Equipment.

Water Vapor Cryopump

Spin Dryer

Transmittance Measurement System for IR-CUT Filter

Optical Parts

At SOLTEC, various filters including IR cut, a dichroic mirror, and bandpass filter produced by vacuum vapor deposition and sputtering are available. We form them to suit users’ specs, so contact us for details.

Optical Parts